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You must agree upon these terms and conditions to upgrade your account.

These are the terms and conditions that will have to be agreed upon to upgrade your account held with www.abgool.com.

The term 'us' or 'we' or 'our' refers to the owner of the website. The term 'you' refers to the user or viewer of our website.

Upgrading process is below

  • Login to your www.abgool.com account.
  • Go to Upgrade Page.
  • Enter upgrade amounts.
  • Click on upgrade button.
  • Click on enter card details button.
  • You will be directed to gocardless.com enter you details. Use the same emailaddress you are using in your www.abgool.com account.
  • You will now have to wait for us to process your payment usually done within 2 days.
  • We will send you an email once your upgrade has been processed. But check your account every couple of hours as the email may not get to you.

Upgrading amounts and services

    The amounts in the services that we allow you to upgrade are fixed and we do not allow anyone to add their own amount for the different services. This is done for the profitability and easability of the system for you and us. We hold the rights to change these amounts at any time but this will not affect anyone who already has upgrade unless they cancel.

    When you click upgrade it is only an offer to us that you would like to upgrade your account. It is only confirmed when your upgrade has been processed.

    For a breakdown of the costs read our pricing policy section below.

Payments Process

    Once you have added an upgrade you have to add your card details within 24 hours or we will remove your upgrade.

    Once your upgrade has been processed £5.00 is held up as an administration fee and can not be refunded as in our pricing policy section below.

    All payments are done using the website gocardless.com so you will have to have an account with them to upgrade your www.abgool.com account. You will have to give us authorization using the gocardless.com website so we can make direct debit payments to your account.

    All payments are monthly and start on the day that we process your upgrade and be on the same day every month as in our example below.

    Example: You upgrade on the 10th we process your upgrade on the 12th so the monthly payment will be on the 12th every month. This is just an example the process time is unlimited depending on load and server abilities.

    The length on the direct debit payment. The payments do not have an end date. See cancellation policy section below to see how to cancel your upgrade.

    The process length can be of any length of time and will depend on the load and server abilities.

    Us and you will have to agree to the terms of use and policies of gocardless.com for payment processing.

Edit payment card

    To edit your card you will have to add your new card information by clicking on the link below.

    Enter Card Details


  • File upload limit: £0.05 per additional MegaByte.
  • Uploading multiple files: £0.50 per additional File.
  • Online storage space: £0.06 per additional GigaByte.
  • Groups: £0.20 per additional Group.
  • File transfer days: £0.10 per additional Day.
  • Sub Accounts: ((File upload Limit Cost+Uploading Multiple Files Cost+File Transfer Days Cost)*0.10) or £0.10 per additional Sub Account whichever price is higher.

    There is a flat rate minium fee of £5.00 to upgrade. If your costs do not reach £5.00, £5.00 will be the price you will have to pay.

    Once your upgrade has been processed £2.00 is held up as an administration fee and can not be refunded as this meets our costs.

    We hold the ability to change the costs above at anytime giving you a 30 day notice of the change in your inbox when you login and go to account on www.abgool.com. When the prices are changed it will affect all users even those that have already upgraded their accounts.

    Sometimes in our error we may display the wrong prices to resolve this we will remove your upgrade so you can reupgrade.


    To cancel your upgrade it is very simple you go to upgrade account and click cancel upgrade if you have already upgraded. If you cancel in any other way no money is refundable.

    To cancel you will have to remove all objects that do not meet the free account requirements. If you cancel without deleting this content you immediately give us authority to access your account and delete all content and even delete your account.

    When you cancel your upgrade it can take up to 48 hours to process your cancellation. Note you can not add another upgrade in this time or change you mind.

    Once your upgrade has been processed £2.00 is held up as an administration fee and can not be refunded.

    There is a minimum 72 hours notice so we have time to process your cancellation. If 72 hours is not given we can not guarantee that the payment will not go through and then no refund can be made.

    You have a 7 day period from the day your upgrade has been processed during this time you can get a refund. The £2.00 administration fee will be deducted from the refund.

    Your refund my take up to 7 days to go through.

    You can cancel anytime after the 7 day period but any payments that have been made during this time are not refundable and a minimum 48 hours notice must be made.

    We and you hold the rights of termination of the agreement for any reason. No refund can be made after the 7 day period. We hold the rights and abilities to cancel your upgrade at anytime and for any reason and without notice. This may be at a loss to or for you.

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